Bastian Lante -  Technical Project Manager 

Bastian Lante, Technical Project Manager in Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies's Integrated Projects business line, has been with the Bilfinger Group since 2006. Bastian got started as a trainee in the cooperative engineering apprenticeship program. In addition to getting to know so many different areas of expertise, some of them abroad, it was also an ideal way to learn about his interests and skills.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

“The constant change! I am always fascinated when colleagues who have been with the company for decades - and there are a lot of them - still tell me about new situations and tasks that they have never experienced before. And that is exactly what makes working at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies so exciting. People work in projects here and each one is different. You are constantly learning about new technical issues and have to deal with a diverse range of plant types, including power plants, steel mills, waste incineration plants and refineries. You also get to know a lot of new faces - both on the customer side and within the big "Bilfinger world.”

How important is teamwork at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies?

“It doesn’t work with the team. The tasks we receive from our customers are often complex and individual. Dealing with these tasks is what project management is all about. Finding solutions is . I consider teamwork skills to be one of the most important aspects of working at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies and within the project team. At the same time, it makes the work very dynamic and varied.

Picture of Bastian Lante