Dr. Johannes Gernert -  Process Engineer

Dr. Johannes Gernert, began working as a Process Engineer at Bilfinger in 2013 after completing his doctorate in thermodynamics. Johannes now works in the Integrated Projects business line at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

“The most exciting part of my job is finding solutions to ever-changing technical issues and overcoming varied challenges.”

How have you been able to develop personally and professionally?

“For one thing, I have been able to acquire a lot of technical experience, both when working in the office during the design phase of a plant and when supporting the commissioning on site. Especially supporting a plant construction project from start to finish gives you an incredible amount of experience.”

“On the other hand, I was able to develop personally both in the cooperation with colleagues on a day-to-day basis and through various Bilfinger programs. I learned that social skills, such as good communication, appreciation of the other person and so on are just as important as technical competence. After all, we work with different people every day.”

How important is teamwork at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies?

“I really believe that teamwork is key to the successful completion of projects and I have had some really positive experience in this regard. Within the technology department in particular, I notice a great willingness to help and uncomplicated cooperation among the individual specialist groups and employees.”

What are you setting in motion at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies?

I try to put my strengths to work in a way that helps us move forward. I am particularly focused on the further development of work processes and the coordination of interfaces in engineering. I also enjoy sharing my own experience with my younger colleagues and providing support in any way I can.”

Picture of Dr. Johannes Gernert