Concepts for school students: Exciting insight into the world of business

The search for the right skilled occupation - the one that suits one's own skills is often very difficult. To help school students in their choice of an occupation, we offer a diverse range of introductory internships. An internship of this nature offers an opportunity to gain precise insight into the desired occupation as well as the company and to learn about various vocational fields. The school students can also benefit later from the contacts that they make should they decide to apply for an apprenticeship.

Target group: Secondary school students

It is possible to complete a one to two week internship in the following vocational fields / departments:


  • Technical product designer (m/f)
  • Mechanical and plant engineering in the areas of distribution and construction


  • Industrial clerk in accounting (m/f)
  • Pipe Fitter (m/f)
  • Metal Cutting Mechanic (m/f)

Have we aroused your interest? We look forward to receiving your application.

Please send a detailed application to our personnel department approximately six months prior to the desired starting date of the internship. If you would like to send us an email, please ensure that the complete application is combined in a single pdf file.