The start of your career is a major step in your life – which is why we want to ensure that you have a pleasant start with us.

At the beginning of your apprenticeship, there is always an introductory day where we provide you with an overview of the company, the safety regulations and the internal processes that are relevant for you and give you the names and contact information of the people who are important for you.

For the new apprentices in the trades, we also organize a two-day seminar during which we travel with them and lay the groundwork for future cooperation. The seminar focuses on good teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Other questions that will no doubt interest you.

Does the industry have a good future?

The food industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastics processing, printing, packaging, building materials industry and many others require industrial equipment to manufacture their products and services. The performance of industrial plants must be secured throughout and this requires modernization, maintenance concepts or even new construction. This is where we come in! We deliver the required expertise with our team. As long as energy, food, medicines, etc. are needed, people will also be needed to build new power plants and industrial plants in the process industry and to ensure that existing plants are properly maintained.

Am I also doing anything to protect the environment?

When people think of industrial plants, they generally imagine large smokestacks that spew vast amounts of pollutants into the environment and are thus harmful to the climate. But there are many aspects to environmental protection. The reduction of emissions is the primary goal when it comes to the modernization and construction of new plants. We are also constantly expanding our expertise in the area of renewable energy, working on topics such as water vapor cycles.

Can I also reduce the amount of time needed for the apprenticeship?

Yes, if you have good grades and if both sides agree, the time needed for the apprenticeship can be shortened.

How many hours do I work per week?

Here you will work 35 hours per week. Working time is of course reduced if you go to vocational school during the week instead of block lessons.

How much vacation do I have?

With us, you have 30 vacation days vacation per year.

How much do I earn?

We are bound to the metal industry wage agreement of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Current compensation at our company is:

1st apprenticeship year: €980.56

2nd apprenticeship year: €1,029.38

3rd apprenticeship year: €1.101.92

Including paid holidays and Christmas bonus.

What about being taken on as an employee after the apprenticeship?

Depending on your performance and your grades, there is a permanent employment option.

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