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Dual study program - Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) - Cooperative Engineering Training

Apprenticeship locations: Oberhausen

In this dual study program, you will combine your vocational training in the company with a mechanical engineering degree at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. After four semesters you will receive a training qualification as a technical product designer (IHK examination) and after 8 semesters you will receive a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

You can choose to study mechanical engineering - specializing in design and development - or process engineering. With both specializations, you will be able complete the basic studies in the first two years at the same time as the IHK vocational training. Since the modules are initially identical, you can switch between the two courses after the second semester. After the first two years, the practical training in the company is completed with the IHK examination. After a further three years, you will complete your Bachelor's degree at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld (Bachelor of Engineering).

For this program, we are primarily looking for students with a good university entrance qualification and a scientific orientation (e.g. mathematics or physics as an advanced course).  

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