New EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

May 25, 2018

A new data protection law takes effect today in all EU member states: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law is an EU regulation that uniformly regulates data protection, i.e. how companies handle personal data, throughout Europe. You can find out here about the use of your data and what rights you have in accordance with the GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation standardizes data protection rights within the EU because previously in the EU member states there were different data protection laws and thus also different standards. In addition, the new data protection law will strengthen the rights of the individual and make it easier to assert those rights.

The GDPR is fundamentally and directly applicable in the European Union and is generally a binding law. The new regulation replaces the respective national data protection laws in the EU member states and harmonizes data protection for individuals within the European Union.

Bilfinger takes the confidentiality of data and its data protection obligations very seriously. In order to meet the legal transparency requirements of the GDPR, we would like to inform you about a number of topics in the following customer information:

  • How will your personal data be used?
  • What rights do you have in accordance with the GDPR?