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When it comes to research and development activities, Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH is an industry pioneer. As a result of the restructuring, we bundle technological expertise, develop new concepts and innovative technologies. In this way, Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies continuously develops and optimizes all components in the area of firing and fuel processing. Emission reduction technologies such as those for nitrogen oxides and mercury are as much a focus as projects in the area of solar-thermal power plants.

We work for you with the most up-to-date methods and combine innovation with our many decades of experience. Close cooperation with universities ensures a scientific perspective on our approaches. On this basis, we build our practice-oriented calculation and interpretive methods and can thus offer the most modern support available:

Examples of innovations from Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH

Burner technology
The conversion of power plants to low-emission firing systems is becoming increasingly important. Our burners for coal dust are designed on the basis of theoretical principles that are adjusted to reflect project operating results. Construction is based on many decades of experience. Continuous development is carried out with model approaches to simulate various types of coal.

Lignite drying
Since 2001, we have been working together intensively with partners from industry and science on research related to coal-drying processes. The pre-drying of raw coal is a process engineering solution to enhance efficiency in lignite-based power plants. In this process, the energy created from water that turns to steam in the drying is integrated into the power plant process. Depending on the water content in the coal, this allows for an efficiency gain of four to six percentage points, considering a pressurized operation of the drying system as well as the integration of all of the heat from the vaporized coal water into the power plant process. Pressurized steam fluidized-bed drying makes a contribution to conserving a valuable fossil fuel, to a reduction in CO2 emissions and to securing a stable supply of energy.

Pulverizer development
For an efficient firing process, it is necessary that raw materials be optimally prepared. Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies offers the entire spectrum of services for the grinding of hard coal and lignite as well as the grinding of biomass.

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