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Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH has many years of experience and extensive technical expertise in the energy sector. The specialist knowledge that has been gathered over the course of decades is now being made available to further target industries. Here, you can learn more about our diverse portfolio of products and services.


  • Steam generation technology and other pressure parts
  • Burners and firing systems for all kinds of fuels (various types of coal, biomass, oil, gas as well as special fuels)
  • Fuel feeding
  • Air and flue gas ducts, combustion air systems
  • Pulverisers
  • Heat recovery and heat displacement systems
  • Piping engineering including all machines and technical systems in power plants and processing facilities
  • Flue gas purification
  • Flue gas desulfurization
  • Flue gas denitrification
  • Dust removal technology

Services for all kinds of plants in the power and process industries

  • Plant dimensioning, engineering, CFD, construction, construction review, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning
  • Prefabrication of high, middle and low-pressure piping systems
  • Engineering for complex piping systems
  • Project planning and execution, project management
  • Rehabilitation of existing systems and plants
  • New construction
  • Disassembly, purification and disposal
  • Expansion and modification of components
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies on service life extensions and efficiency enhancements
  • Digital networking
  • Individual consulting to increase the performance, flexibility, efficiency and safety of plants
  • Research and development activities in the field of welding methods
  • Assembly services including special welding
  • After market sales (maintenance, expansion)
  • Training of operational staff
  • Takeover of operations, full maintenance and partial service

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